Detti's journey with film-making started in 2002, just a little after her wedding and immigration to the United States from Hungary.  With a masters degree in electrical engineering she wished for more than "just" staying home and taking care of her growing family. Being passionate about technology and computer science, she picked up a camera and started making short films. It was then that she discovered the power of film-making and editing. She believes that it's not much about what we see but how a film makes us feel. Since then she has filmed countless events, always striving to put her technical skills to good use. In the past 6 years she has perfected the art of editing, always following her intuition to make a BSD film stand out. 

Her goal has always been to create films with an emotional impact. She is only satisfied with a film if it succeeds in making her clients feel the joy, the sadness, and the beauty of life. Simply put, her clients' happiness is her biggest motivation.  

In her personal life, too, she likes to connect to people on a deeper level and strives to understand the human condition better. When she is not filming or editing, she focuses on her family, her husband, and their four beautiful children. In addition, she loves spending time in nature and around animals.